Tuesday, 5th July, 2022

Want to know about Precision Rifle Shooting. Check out our video presentation of the Royal Marines Precision Rifle Association’s Tri Service PRS Match.

Of the many long-range shooting disciΒ­plines, Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competitions currently rule the popularity roost. Distilled to its essence, PRS-type shooting is a demanding sport that pits shooters against challenging targets at varying distances that are engaged from multiple, often-awkward posiΒ­tions. Traditionally, 10 shots are called for per stage, and time is limited to two minutes. National-level matches usually present 20 stages split between two days; smaller matches might consist of six to 10 stages in a day.

To excel in this kind of shooting, a shooter must possess a properly equipped long-range precision rifle fed by a 10-round magazine, a cool head and time-polished skill in acquiring stable, improvised positions, making precise shots quickly and transitioning from one firing position to another with speed and efficiency.

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