Welcome The New Blog

“Welcome to the jungle of words and tribulations that is a blog section!”

Outdoor Technica is a website dedicated to creating reviews and guides for all outdoor related activities including shooting sports. This is the main goal of the website’s existence, however it has become evident that this means that the website is restricted in how much content it can provide due to the time it takes to create quality reviews and guides.

We decided that it would be best to focus on our core but to also extend towards a more relaxed content creation platform that many of our readers will most relate to as a blog section. In this section, we will share and voice articles of interest that do not fit either Review or Guide.

This will include behind the scenes postings about items being reviewed and trips taken as part of the creation of material for the other two core sections. See this blog section as an insight into what the team has been up to and to gain knowledge on products prior to review or guides which are yet to be finalised.

– Arius Alipour