There is always a great opportunity to raise money for charity. There is a greater opportunity to be able to do something you enjoy at the same time. Scott Country International, in conjunction with The Brain Tumour Charity, has set up a smokeless range with LaserAmmo’s product line to help create a shooting challenge with our co-founder Arius Alipour.

Arius has been shooting competitively with Action Air Handgun for the United Kingdom Practical Shooting Association for over three years. He has gained a phenomenal amount of experience; having participated in matches all over the world, including the first IPSC Action Air World Shoot in Hong Kong, China.


Challenge Team GB AA Shooter Arius Alipour on the state of the art Laser Ammo smokeless range at the show to win a Cannae Pro Gear bundle at the show, 11/12 May. Using realistic recoiling training firearms which emit a non lethal laser pulse to accurately hit the targets, running as quickly and accurately as you can to get the highest score…this is THE ultimate rifle and pistol training simulator. It's free to enter but visitors will be asked to make a small donation to The Brain Tumour Charity and the best score will win the Cannae Pro Gear prize. Visit the Smokeless Range next to the Scott Country stand in Hall 1.

Posted by Northern Shooting Show on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Arius Alipour will be hosting the challenge on the 11th May 2019, at the Northern Shooting Show with Scott Country International. The challenge includes a chance to win a Cannae Pro Gear bundle and is a great opportunity to donate to charity whilst testing out the LaserAmmo shooting system.

We will be simulating shooting metal and paper smokeless range targets using replica pistols which emit a harmless eye-safe laser which indicates an accurate shot placement on the system.

Scott Country International

This challenge will be at the Scott Country International’ NSS stand on 11th May 2019 so get your tickets booked and we will look forward to seeing our co-founder’s set score beaten by the general public.


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