Rekon Shooting Tripod holds Everything

When someone mentions a tripod, many will associate with camera equipment and ways to stabilise using a three legged prong with the ability to mount anything to it. Well, you’re not far gone from the truth, however you will have to incorporate a rifle and a saddle into the fold for this article to make sense.

The Wicked Lights Rekon Shooting Tripod System is now available from Scott Country International and has been marketed for both the long range target shooter and hunter with the need for a stable platform that can be used anywhere, and in any shooting position that is most practical. From standing, to crouched, all the way down to a prone position for long range shooting with stability.

This is not a new or innovative product for the shooting community, however it is a very well implemented and functional item that not only provides a stable platform for shooting but also alternatives and the diversity to be used for both shooting and filming in the same conditions. The tripod is light and functions well with planting to rough terrain at varying angles and different types of ground.

This tripod system is definitely one to have a look at considering it includes many mounting variations such as an advanced saddle system and uses the same mounts as would be found on a normal camera tripod but built for the outdoors and capable of moving into different “shooting” positions. Considering the prices are quite economical, it is not hard to find a reason to owning a system such as this as you can pick and choose what you need based on your price point or based on your shooting requirements.

For more information on this product, go check out the Scott Country International website.