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Outdoor Technica is dedicated to providing clear and concise reviews and guides website for outdoor enthusiasts. Focusing on visual filmography and technical writing, each review is structured professionally to cover the most important elements. These products range from outdoor consumer clothing and electronics to tactical and more focused products such as electronics, mobile apps, and firearm specific items.

The website will include guide articles that relate to the products in question. These guides are focused on providing a link between product and purpose. This is one of many ways to create content that links review products to each other.

Outdoor Technica also provides business services for businesses who want to grow their online identity either via content for marketing or website development to improve the function, design and aesthetic. You can find out more here.

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Product Reviews

Honest and concise technical reviews including professional images which are provided to be used in catalogs and other third party materials.

How To Guides

How to guides to outdoor based activities and other preparation material. These guides include external sources and referencing towards the use of both reviewed and non-reviewed products.

Social Media

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are used to market and create an audience. Professional tools are used to create marketing content.

Product Categories

All forms of clothing that match the needs of the outdoors will be covered under this major category. From footwear to many different layers of clothing, this category will cover all weather types and attempt to ensure that no manner of outdoor activity is left without a product that suits it.

Sub Categories: Tops, Fleeces, Jackets, Bottoms, Footwear, Accessories, Headwear

The use of tactical equipment is not restricted to military activity as even exploring the great outdoors has its place in the use of tactically oriented equipment. This category covers what would be expected of tactical gear in a military setting but also expand for topics such as hiking and other elements of the outdoors.

Sub Categories: Belts, Vests, Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers, Pouches, Backpacks, Headgear, Accesories

Electronics is a broad category which encompasses and potentially overlaps many of the other categories. In essence, if the product is used in the outdoors and has some form of powered function, it will be featured in this category. This would range from optics to lights and other forms of electrical devices.

Sub Categories: Ranged Optics, Illumination, Cameras, Heating, Communications, Night Vision, Others

Shooting sports is one of the foundations of the website which most of our experience originates from. It only makes sense to carry on that knowledge and apply it towards products that may apply to this category. There will also be products that may only apply to shooting sports (including Airsoft) and hence will reside in this category.

Sub Categories: Targets, IPSC, Airsoft, Game Hunting, Military, Training Tools, Accessories

This category is more generalised towards camping and overnight activities where preparation and survival is the subject topic. This category will overlap others but assist in categorising products that would otherwise feel out of place such as meal preparation tools, tents and other resources that aid comfort and survival in the great outdoors.

Sub-categories: Shelters, Sleeping, Food, Survival Kits, Fire Lighting, Knives & Multitools, Navigation, Cooking Equipment, Emergency Aid

Review Structure


Quick summary of the product in question with/without video content.

Technical Specs

Outline of all the advertised features and specifications of the product.


Cover the aesthetic properties and ergonomics of the product in association with its purpose.


Cover the function of the product and how fit it is for purpose, with/without video content.


Review the durability of the product in relation to its purpose with evidence.

Price Value

Compare overall review of the product and comparison to the retail value. 

* All reviews are constantly revised based on any changes that may occur in either pricing or the products themselves.


Most frequent questions and answers

The website uses paid advertising which is presented alongside the content of the website. These paid adverts are focused based on the articles themselves which means that clothing reviews will only receive clothing ads and so on. Contribution towards reviews do not count as a revenue source.

When a business becomes a sponsor of the website, they are supporting the website through multiple means for a return of certain marketing and advertising expertise.


There are two primary forms of contribution that a sponsor can offer to the website:

– Review Samples

The sponsor can offer review samples which are either offered for a period of time to review, or to be kept for future use in further marketing and advertising media.

– Guest Articles

The website does not allow sponsors to write their own reviews, however the Guides section of the website is open to guest written articles as long as they meet the standards of the website. This is a good form of free unpaid advertising that helps the business and provides content for the website.

Paid Advertising

There are two main forms of advertising available from the website which are paid for on either a term or one off contract:

– Website Adverts

The website is a host to advertising that is targeted based on the type of content being viewed on the website. The cost of this advertising is solely based on previous readership statistics for the region in which the advertiser wants to place their ad.

– Social Media Posts

Outside of using the website, our social media platforms can be used to post or advertise and share promotions from other businesses.

* It is the discretion of the website to decide what counts as free promotion posting and what counts as paid.

The main goal of this website is to provide its readership and sponsors a professional honest and detailed solution in the format of product reviews. These reviews retain over the years compared to other content and hence are the most effective long term marketing solution online.

Review articles are not the only content on the website as they are not as easy to link to each other. The website creates guides of varying styles which syndicate the review material and link multiple products which could be of differing topics and categories to work together.

Although reviews are a form of marketing and advertising, the provider of the product does not pay for the review. This goes against the basis of creating an honest review.

– In most cases the review is supported by the product being a free sample. However is not sold on and kept to be used in future marketing and advertising.

When a review is generated, the product in question is thoroughly tested and vetted for the business who provided it. This process allows any questions and/or issues with the product to be raised from testing. This is a first hand form of product testing which allows for the business to gain feedback from the website prior to publication.

As the review is processed and material is generated, the business gains marketing in the form of extra material that is generated outside of the review itself. These can manifest in the form of visual photography and video content.

The review itself then becomes a great form of marketing which lasts regardless of whether the outcome is good or bad. The article retains on the website and is updated when needed (this means that the review is always live and isn’t left to go out of date). 

If the product is retained after review, there are constant opportunities for it to be included in other review material and the website’s guide articles.

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