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How To Choose Gloves

Gloves are basically socks for the hands. Although this is not necessarily wrong, it is a bit more involved as the hands require dexterity and protection from physical interaction with outdoor elements (yes it’s obvious). It is very important for the right size of gloves to be used at their full potential dexterity.

Generally gloves are used to keep the hands insulated from the cold and are suitable for most activities. Other materials are used in gloves such as kevlar, Gore Tex and rubber for waterproofing and resistance to cuts and other physical forms of protection. The problem with increased protection is that the glove material becomes thicker and hence dexterity. Finding that middle ground is what consumers generally end up managing in regards to what they choose and for what purpose.

Another series of differences between gloves is whether to go fingerless, full fingered or “mittens”? We don’t have to explain what full fingered gloves are and why they are beneficial as they are the standard style that gloves are expected in.

Fingerless gloves are a simple way of trying to apply dexterity and feel where the only function of the gloves are to keep the palm of the hand insulated. This is not as effective in insulation and protecting the skin however offers more dexterity. Mitten gloves however offer the reverse of functions, covering all fingers under one housing which offers maximum insulation but sacrifices a lot of dexterity that you would normally have with the alternatives. In the end it’s the users job to understand the requirements of what they need for the conditions that they’ll be using them for.