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How To Choose Footwear

Shoes are another essential which should be considered based on the activity. The most important property for shoes should be comfort and breathability. There are different types of shoes that are available for different outdoor activities. Walking boots are great for rough terrain where ankle support and heavy steps are important. The only issue with walking boots is that they are generally heavy and can cause fatigue. Walking shoes or trail running shoes on the other hand, sacrifice protection for comfort which is very useful for flatter surfaces due to their flexibility and light materials.

Shoes generally need to be very durable and comfortable regardless of the activity. Some shoes are available in somewhat waterproof form, but it’s better to invest in overshoes if not expecting to get wet as they can be slipped on and off much like clothes. In cases where the climate is mostly wet or snow, it is worth getting specific footwear for those environments as overshoes would only work in temporary scenarios.

Waterproof shoes which use similar materials such as Gore Tex are ideal where the terrain is guaranteed to be wet as they will be more effective than overshoes for a longer period of time. It is worth making sure that the right socks and bottoms (hard shell trousers) are used alongside the shoes to maintain waterproofing.