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Hoyden Range Tights by Helikon-Tex

Helikon Tex Hoyden Pants posed at an IPSC club

Earlier this year, Helikon-Tex introduced us to the Hoyden Range Tights. These tactical leggings are designed for women and join a small collection of other tactical leggings on the market. For Helikon-Tex, the Hoyden range tights are a first of their kind and from our first impressions, we are pleased with this product.

The Hoyden tights are designed for women mainly on the range who depend on a tactical legging with reliable function and fit that can additionally carry their essential equipment. This hard-wearing, lightweight legging not only performs to enhance the body’s function but also as a comfortable piece of apparel when exercising casually or in other outdoor activities such as climbing or hiking.

Technical specs

The Hoyden tights are made of a lightweight, breathable, elastic fabric. They have an anatomical cut, made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane- or otherwise known as Lycra. These tights also feature YKK zippers and last but by no means least, the Hoyden tights have belt loops to fit a belt up to 45mm wide.

It’s not included in the technical specs but we’re going to mention it in this section regardless as many other tactical leggings don’t include this feature. We were excited to see that the Hoyden tights have two streamline pockets which when wearing the leggings sit at the top of the thigh.


The Hoyden tights come in three colours; Navy blue, Olive green and black. In this review, we reviewed the Navy Blue leggings. From first impressions, we were pleased with the aesthetics on two factors. Firstly, the inclusion on two crucial functional features (belt loops and pockets), but secondly the versatile and stylish nature to these leggings. Our opinion of the leggings only improved when wearing and training in them.   

As you can see, these tactical leggings have reinforced stitching around the knees. This feature provides extra support and a reliability that allows the performer to move freely into a range of positions. The combination of nylon and elastane makes wearing this product exceptionally comfortable. Additionally, the form fit nature of the Hoyden tights are flattering and create a smooth streamline product that makes bending and moving into position easy. 2020 has seen many of us spending more time at home.  

With this, the Hoyden tights have had much use in the domestic setting. They are breathable and light – a legging that is comfortable with no compromise to its pleasing looks. The combination of nylon and elastane creates a legging that can be worn with confidence; bringing it above other tactical leggings, the Hoyden tights enhance the shape of the body allowing free movement into a range of positions.


The primary function of the Hoyden tights is to fit a belt loop which a training belt and holster can be further fitted to. The belt loops are wide enough to fit belts up to 45mm wide. When we tested the belt loops, the belt went through with ease and sat comfortably on the hips.

A minor downside for us when reviewing this product was that we found there was a slight excess of fabric around the waist- creating a bunching effect. This may be a personal issue and was rectifiable by folding the top of the leggings down.  With needing access to the belt loops this fix was not ideal. As mentioned previously, unlike others, these leggings have incorporated pockets.

The two pockets feature YKK zips and are streamlined to the legging. They are deep enough to fit essential training equipment and even large enough for an android phone. It is highly beneficial to be able to keep this equipment readily available and secure to the individual. Similarly, to exercise or train with hands-free, can significantly improve performance. The addition of these pockets makes the Hoyden tights exceptionally functional setting it aside from others of its similar kind.


Helikon-Tex has produced a hard-wearing, breathable, and lightweight product making it suitably durable. Let’s look at the materials to begin. Consisting of 80% nylon, these fibers give the leggings a particular strong yet elastic property. The nylon material additionally gives excellent toughness and abrasion resistance. Nylon is easy to wash and the 20% elastane means that the Hoyden tights revert to their original shape after being stretched. We see this as a major benefit; After many washes, we saw the maintenance of their flattering form fit finish.

Another effect we particularly appreciated with these leggings, was the smooth, crease-resistant finish. When wearing these leggings, the performer feels secure and streamline to their surrounding obstacles. In an environment where obstacles could be an issue, the streamlined nature of these leggings prevents snagging. Although the Hoyden tights have proved durable amongst rough surfaces, we did, however, notice that they are susceptible to surface abrasion from hook and loop items. When wearing the leggings this is something to be mindful of, especially when threading a hook and loop inner belt through the belt loops.

These leggings have been tested in both hot and wet environments. The breathable nature of this fabric allows heat to dissipate from the body quickly. In contrasting weather, these leggings also performed well at being water-resistant during heavy rain and kept the reviewer warm by retaining body heat. This was mostly because the rain quickly passed off the smooth surface.  

As previously mentioned, the Hoyden tights feature two pockets. Both pockets are fitted with YKK zips, which are known for their dependable nature. Having zips to the pockets reinforces the practicality and secure function of this feature.

Price Value

The Hoyden tights retail at €39.90, which is approximately £36.00. After reviewing this product, we would recommend that the Hoyden tights are excellent value for money. With other tactical leggings on the market retailing at a higher price- the Hoyden tights not only perform highly in function and purpose but also for comfort, style, and durability.


We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing this product. There isn’t much bad to comment on the Hoyden tights, however, we would appreciate a little less fabric around the crotch to avoid bunching. We look forward to making further use of the Hoyden tights and seeing how they continue to perform.