Guide Procedures

Guides are the hidden bread and butter of this website as it is one of the only ways we can syndicate content across the board. This means that we can link other guides and reviews to each other regardless of their respective topics and categories. This is the key tool to creating a network of pages that will involve our readers spending more time on the website and gaining maximum potential exposure for that of the content we host.

One of our many prospective goals is to ensure that a good 80% of our guides are guest written by affiliated businesses to offer what is essentially our only form of impact/direct advertising for that business. This will be done by giving them authorship of the article of which the reader can not only see at the end of the article, but also be able to search all content by said business on the website.

All guides and reviews require a feature image to be used as the main photo. This image is used throughout the website and social media as the main link to the article in question. Please make sure the image is visually catching and relevant to the article. This image must not have any watermarks or text on it.


The guide should start with a summary of its purpose and what it is going to cover. This segment of the guide does not require a title and hence can lead onto the first chapter of the guide. We essentially require this summary to be a paragraph long. This segment should allow the reader to understand what they are going to be reading in the following chapters. This first paragraph will also be a vital part of the SEO for this page as it will be used to meta tag keywords, so keep this in mind when writing this section.


This section is structured based on chapters and as such must be given headings which will be turned into chapters that can be linked to from a contents section within the guide. Be sure to include extra material whether it be links to videos or pictures (please ensure that the OT watermark is on the images). Each chapter needs to be concise and detailed without extrapolating off topic. External references are allowed throughout the guide, however this must be done conservatively with external links not being duplicated more than once throughout the guide.

Extra Material

All extra material comprises of visual elements which is used within and outside of a review for marketing and advertising principles. This ranges from watermarked photography of the review items and their functions to video clips of the review item in use. All photos and videos must be properly branded for the website and hence must abide by the templates provided below.

For a template for the watermark PSD, please check out the Review Procedures page for the Extra Materials Chapter.

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