Eye Dominance with Shootsp

Cross eye dominance is an issue many shooters have had to tackle with varying levels of success and multiple techniques of which none would fully negate the issue. What if you were able to trick your eye dominance to use the side in which your shooting posture compliments.

Shootsp is a simple product which introduces a neuroscientific solution to shooting with cross eye dominance of varying levels. This is done by providing a constant variation or stimulant to the sight picture of the eye in which you want to maintain dominance whilst shooting. Although it seems like a “too simple to be true” dynamic, Shootsp’s science has been proven by the experience gained by coaches and competition shooters who’ve now sworn by Shootsp as their way to resolve cross eye dominance in their shooting disciplines.

Shootsp is made to assist shooting with both eyes open and focuses on correcting varying forms of eye dominance including fluctuating dominance, central dominance and offhand dominance. This is done via the application of a small stimulant of which is held in the peripheral of the targeted dominant eye to allow the brain to associate a difference in the individual sight pictures of each eye.

This solution has been a success amongst game and clay pigeon shooters over the past few years and is being tested with practical shooting as well. Outdoor Technica has been provided a sample and will be providing further insight into the product and the solution it provides in the future.

To find out more about Shootsp and the science behind the product, go to their website.