Tactical Gear

The term “Tactical Gear” was coined as a marketing ploy to move surplus military gear without calling it military. This made the gear more appealing to more people, which helped the marketers sell more of it.


Magload NEXUS 12

The Magload NEXUS 12 is a twelve shell caddie which holds six pairs of shotgun shells in a dual/quad load configuration which allows for quick loading into the feeding ramp of a shotgun. Although designed specifically for practical shotgun sports, the caddie has seen use in other sports including multi gun where other firearms are used in conjunction.

Cannae Pro Gear Phalanx Backpack

The Phalanx is a 37L backpack (30L main compartment, 7L helmet carry) that has been designed for EDC and at most two days of duty carry. At first glance, the backpack does look like it can take quite a lot of equipment. We’ve been able to fit two days worth of dry food, general electronics, a DSLR case, flat pack outerwear and a laptop in the main compartment alone.

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