The Target Shooting Show 2021

The Target Shooting Show (“Formerly known as the Practical Shooting Show”) is an event hosted in the United Kingdom for sports shooting and other target based sports. This event hosts a number of brands and retailers with the intent to improve the discoverability and access to target shooting sports.

Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32X50 Digital Riflescope

The Sightmark Wraith HD is a day night digital rifle scope with the ability to present a target in full colour imagery. During the day, the Wraith can work just like a normal optic with added digital features. At night, the Wraith is able to provide night vision capabilities in two alternative view modes which allow for illumination with IR light. A product with a definite market for anyone interested in mid-range plinking and hunting regardless of the time of day.

IPSC Fundamentals: Commands

IPSC maintains its safety and ability to work across multiple regions of language by using one universal language. All regions within the IPSC are dictated to use the same commands in English, regardless of their native tongue. This allows for visiting regions to know and listen to the same commands regardless of the range officer or the competitor.

IPSC Fundamentals: Safety

IPSC is well known for having an excellent safety record for a sport involving firearms. This is due to multiple factors which include the use of protection and a very disciplined and safety oriented ruleset. Eye and ear protection is required for all disciplines (ear protection is not necessary for IPSC Action Air) throughout a match and during practice. Every stage at a match is conducted with one to one supervision between the competitor and the range officer.

What is Precision Rifle Shooting?

Precision Rifle Shooting (known by many names such as National Rifle League, Precision Rifle League, Precision Rifle Series and more), is a fast growing sport based on long range dynamic shooting. This sport is similar to other practical shooting disciplines, however focuses more on ranged shooting in different environments and disruptive positions. It related closely to both military long rang engagements and hunting.

IPSC Fundamentals: Origins

In the 1950s, practical shooting kicked off as a sport in California with the goal of allowing the development of handgun skills for defensive purposes. This however quickly evolved into a sport with many aspects that branched it away from it’s original purpose. It is worth noting that the main influencing agent and founding member of the sport we now know as IPSC came from Colonel Jeff Cooper of the United States Marine Corps.

How to start shooting IPSC Action Air

IPSC Action Air is a very easy shooting sport to get involved in due to accessibility and how economical it is compared to other shooting disciplines within the IPSC bracket. It is worth noting that IPSC Action Air is a mirror representation of the Handgun discipline with only a few changes based on the equipment being used.

Components of Ammunition

Ammunition is a key part of a firearm and its ability to function as designed. Ammunition is a generalisation for the part that the bullet is housed in prior to being fired out of a gun (very large naval guns included). But what is ammunition and what does it comprise of? Let’s talk about the components of ammunition.

Anatomy of a Firearm

A firearm, otherwise known as a small arm, is a portable gun designed to be used and handled by a single individual. We all know what firearms look like, but do you know what makes a firearm? Let’s talk about the anatomy of a firearm.

Firefield Impulse 1X22 Compact Red Dot

Most optics are priced in relation to their features and how reliable they are advertised to be with different calibres and usage. A good compact economically priced optic would be around £150~ where as a high quality brand such as Aimpoint would price their variation at just over £500. The Firefield Impulse 1×22 Compact Red Dot Sight is priced at just under £80 with features that are similar to but do not supersede other more expensive brands.