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Components of Ammunition

Ammunition is a key part of a firearm and its ability to function as designed. Ammunition is a generalisation for the part that the bullet is housed in prior to being fired out of a gun (very large naval guns included). But what is ammunition and what does it comprise of? Let’s talk about the components of ammunition.

Anatomy of a Firearm

A firearm, otherwise known as a small arm, is a portable gun designed to be used and handled by a single individual. We all know what firearms look like, but do you know what makes a firearm? Let's talk about the anatomy of a firearm.

What is GORE-TEX?

W. L. Gore and Associates designed and invented Gore-Tex in 1969 which can repel liquids whilst allowing vapor to pass through. The material is made out of stretched elements of PTFE which creates ePTFE. This m...