Top 5 Affordable Over Ear Protection

Hearing protection is generally a form of protection that is shared by construction or manufacturing workers. They are however vital for shooting sports and other much louder activities such as racing and being part of a debate team… Just kidding!

I.C.E. On Your Phone

I.C.E. is otherwise known as In Case of Emergency; a program that enables first responders and individuals who are trained in medical care to obtain important information such as blood type, allergies and contact details for the next of kin.

Rekon Shooting Tripod holds Everything

When someone mentions a tripod, many will associate with camera equipment and ways to stabilise using a three legged prong with the ability to mount anything to it. Well, you’re not far gone from the truth, however you will have to incorporate a rifle and a saddle into the fold for this article to make sense.

Eye Dominance with Shootsp

Cross eye dominance is an issue many shooters have had to tackle with varying levels of success and multiple techniques of which none would fully negate the issue. What if you were able to trick your eye dominance to use the side in which your shooting posture compliments

Shooting for Charity with Scott Country

There is always a great opportunity to raise money for charity. There is a greater opportunity to be able to do something you enjoy at the same time. Scott Country International, in conjunction with The Brain Tumour Charity, has set up a smokeless range with LaserAmmo’s product line to help create a shooting challenge with our co-founder Arius Alipour.

Welcome The New Blog

Outdoor Technica is a website dedicated to creating reviews and guides for all outdoor related activities including shooting sports. This is the main goal of the website’s existence, however it has become evident that this means that the website is restricted in how much content it can provide due to the time it takes to create quality reviews and guides.