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ASG CZ P-09 Duty GBB Pistol

The CZ (Česká Zbrojovka) P-09 Duty is a full size DA/SA 9mm service pistol with a flush fitting magazine design to compliment the user’s hand grip posture. CZ’s pistols are well known for having a natural point of aim due to the high resting point of the gun barrel in relation to the gun’s sights. It features a 1913 Picatinny rail which has made it readily adaptable to low-light and other tactical situations.


The ASG (Action Sports Games) licensed P-09 Duty is OEM manufactured by KJ Works who are well known for making GBB and GBBR airsoft products over the past few years. It has been a while since KJ Works has brought a new pistol into the market and having the CZ P-09 as a new addition, has been a pretty original choice considering it hasn’t featured in many media streams as of late.

The CZ P-09 is very alike to that of the real steel counterpart with it’s slim looks and long but low profile slide. This is not common in most pistols and may be considered as a futuristic look for this kind of pistol.

Having taken it out to games and practise shootings, I can say that it is an interesting design which has its advantages, but also has many flaws depending on how the user is used to using a GBB pistol, let alone a real one. If the user is used to racking the slide to operate the handgun, it can be quite tricky as the fingers tend to have a 50/50 chance of grabbing the polymer frame instead of the intended slide. This can be rectified by changing the position of the hand to be further atop the slide than behind it. Having said this, there are multiple areas which are ridged for the user to be able to best grip the slide, regardless of wearing gloves or not. This low profile slide however allows for the recoil to be better absorbed compared to a larger one such as the XDm.

Much to the belief of having a more natural point of aim on the real CZ pistol. This airsoft replica has also proven to lay claim to this feature as follow up shots seem to be much easier to establish on range. This means that gaining a natural muscle memory stance with the handgun is much easier than its former counterparts.

Other than the ridges that can be seen throughout the top half of the pistol, the frame has multiple textured areas which resemble M3 grip tape. It is very grippy with or without gloves, however there are some circumstances where a strong feeling grip doesn’t work. There have been times where the mud has stuck to the textures and caused the grip to be completely slippery. This is evident with most textured or stippled grips however this handgun does complement the usage which gives it a more tactical look even if not used to its full capabilities.

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The CZ P-09 is only partially ambidextrous due to the fact the slide release only exists on the left hand side of the frame. This is not an issue if you follow the previously mentioned discipline of racking the slide. The ambidextrous element of this handgun is solely focused on the slide safety which unfortunately does not have a functioning de-cocker like the real-steel version.

The skeleton hammer is quite nice as it does not snag on clothing but however retains a nice ridged surface at the top to allow for the handgun to be cocked manually without engaging the slide. It is also nice to see a removable back strap, however extra back straps of varying sizes are not included in the package.

The use of a flush fitting magazine means that the grip of the CZ P-09 is not overly large. This does not mean that the magazine is particularly small either, allowing for a substantial amount of gas and bbs to be stored within. This is also the case due to the fact that there is also a CO2 version of this handgun (by CO2 version, this means that the exact same handgun replica is available with a CO2 magazine which can be bought separately for the green gas version).

The handgun replica has an elongated beaver tail near the hammer which helps larger hands from catching the end of the slide as it cycles. It also provides a good reference point for the user to place his hand in a comfortable grip around the frame.

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The trigger pull is much longer than expected with the double stage trigger, however when cocked, the single action feels very smooth and resets right in the middle of the trigger’s travel. The feel of the trigger and the recoil spring of the slide are definite clues to the fact this handgun was built for CO2 in mind. It’s hard and strong, making you realise that the action you’re performing is going to give you an equal amount of reaction force.

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The sights on the CZ P-09 are low profile and simplistic with the use of white dots for targeting. Relative to how the sights are on a Sig Sauer pistol, the CZ P-09’s sights are useful in daytime target allocation, but not as effective in low light situations. They are however very well built as they have been abused on clothing many times (racking of the slide using edges of clothing and other material).


The ASG P-09 DUTY contains many of the same features as the other variants of the P-09 DUTY, the following are the features and specifications of this variant:

  • Package Includes ASG KJ Works P-09 DUTY, Magazine, Manual, BBs
  • Gas Blow Back Pistol with Double Action/Semi-Action Shooting
  • Lanyard attachment on pistol grip
  • Beaver tail and Trigger Safety (no de-cocker)
  • Metal Slide, ABS Frame
  • Length is (Slide) 205 mm long, (6.05 mm Inner Barrel) ~90 mm long
  • Weighs 874 g
  • Coloured in Black, Tan Frames available
  • Full Metal 26 round double stacked One-Piece Magazine
  • Hop-Up Screw Dial located inside the Slide
  • 20 mm Picatinny Under Rail for tactical accessories (e.g. flashlight / laser)
  • Disassemble procedure is as the same as the real steel version
  • Compatible up to and including Green Gas (CO2 magazines available)
  • FPS Variance of 280 (HFC Gas) – 400 (CO2 Capsule) FPS (0.2 g)


The pistol is very strong in all elements of its manufacture process, with little wiggle and/or free moving parts. This is a very positive feature as the use of CO2 would test the internals of anything loose within the CZ P-09 DUTY.

In fact, after multiple days of usage, the only part of the handgun that seems to have worn is the paint and the hop rubber. Before you start assuming that the stock hop rubber is rubbish, understand that a hop rubber is like a tyre, it has to be warmed up and worn in to work at its best. In this case, the hop rubber was initially too stiff and wouldn’t provide enough back spin. The handgun suffers if there is not enough power bring put behind the bb. Fortunately this problem slowly rectified itself and has since been of little issue to the performance of the gun. If you do buy an ASG CZ P-09 DUTY, take note that the hop rubber does need to be worn in.

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As said before in the Overview, the hammer spring and recoil spring are very strong on this handgun, which means that there seems to be no need for any further upgrades for use with a stronger gas than Green Gas. I have to say that this handgun wants to be fed stronger gasses, begging to be fed (We do not condone the use of MAPP gas in any airsoft products).

As you can see, the P-09 disassembles much like the real steel version, taking out the slide lock pin and removing the slide, pushing it forward. Disassembly is quite easy, however reassembly can be quite tricky and can cause damage to the trigger mechanism’s sear if forced.

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If you are having troubles putting the slide back on to the frame, make sure the safety sear is not in the way as it can block the slide from fully travelling across the frame.

The slide contains the recoil spring, rod, hop unit (with barrel) and nozzle housing. Out of the box, the housing and recoil spring was lightly lubricated in all the right areas. The hop unit screw is quite fragile in my opinion. Using a screw thread in an area where a lot of impact is occurring can cause more damage than a hop dial could. Throughout testing, I assumed the eventual need for either the thread to be redone or the screw to be thread locked into place. To this moment in time, I have not needed to touch the hop unit mechanism what so ever and hopefully won’t in the near future.

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Other than the hop unit housing, the recoil spring is accommodated with two spring buffer shims to shorten the travel distance of the slide. I’m assuming this is a post manufacture upgrade to increase the efficiency of the gun as it seems to be a simple DIY solution for short stroking the slide. I had tried the pistol without these buffers and noticed a slight negative difference in gas efficiency. In other words, do not lose these buffer shims.

The gas magazine is a one piece design which has stood well against minor drops. I would not trust it to withstand regular drops as the base plate will get loose from the impacts. In regards to the gas valves, the o-rings and the ability for the magazines to retain different gasses, there seems to be no way of making them leak without intentionally causing the valves to wear. These mags have been able to retain a full amount of Guarder Power Up Gas over a period of three weeks without leakage.

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As expected, the knocker valve is located near the top of the magazine, and the fill valve is located under the magazine, by the base plate. The magazine can retain 26 bbs in a double stacked formation. There is little point in trying to over fill the magazine with more bbs as 26  bbs seem to be enough. This cannot be said for CO2 capsule magazines, but the green gas version can fire just over 38 bbs before needing a refill. This means that there is little point in trying to get more than one magazine out of a fill.


Unfortunately I can only account for the performance of green gas over the performance of CO2 at this moment in time.

The pistol is a great performer when in optimal room temperature. The action and recoil is very noticeable and crisp. The consistency of each shot seems to get better with each subsequent shot. This is unusual as it seems to negate the understanding of cool down with gas blow back pistols and rifles. It must be a little secret of KJW as I cannot put a finger on what is causing this weird anomaly other than the fact it’s actually just the pistol being worn in.

In varying temperature conditions, the pistol seems to perform just as well. I have not been able to experience any issues with the pistol, however I do feel that avoiding the use of lower powered gasses can cause performance issues especially in colder weather conditions.

The range testing went well regardless of the horrible British weather as the hop rubber did not seem to be effected by the cold temperatures. The pistol can easily reach ranges over 50 metres however the accuracy testing was done at 30 metres after multiple tests. A 50 metre accuracy test would have been too inconsistent due to the size of the paper target.


The target seems to have had a few outliers from the first few shots due to the wind, fortunately the rest of the shots consistently met the inner ring. This being done at 30 metres is very admirable as that would be the optimal range at which to hit a target with a pistol. Considering the size of the target, the pistol seems to have the potential to hit the body of a human being consistently at that range. I would not be surprised if it was that accurate at 50 metres (ignoring external variables such as wind).


This pistol is a great contender to other pistols on the market. It has unique looks with a very different feel and response to other pistols. In short, this pistol has a great characteristic which cannot be matched with other pistols. I would have liked for the pistol to be more forgiving with lower powered gas, but that seems to be an acceptable loss for having CO2 compatibility.

I enjoy using the CZ P-09 DUTY pistol as it seems to be one of the most unique modern day pistols I’ve ever played with. Although there are many pistols who outperform the P-09, there is something about this pistol that makes me forgive it for wanting more power. It’s like buying a sports car and not minding the lack of economy. Having said that, the aesthetics are not admired by all and hence makes it an acquired taste.