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Outdoor Technica is a website dedicated to informing the reader with the most technical and honest reviews possible. It is paramount that we do the same with our advertising, ensuring that our readers are well informed through not only our content but the adverts that we present them on each page.

Each one of our adverts are targeted based on the content being viewed which focuses on the engagement of the reader instead of just blindly placing them on every page of the website.

During the first year launch of the Outdoor Technica website. All banner advertising and social media paid postings are free and/or heavily discounted.

This is mainly due to low readership on launch and the ability to test out the capabilities of the website prior to committing with cost.

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The most common adverts on our website are the banner ads on the sidebar and main ribbon of the homepage. These ads are cleverly placed with relevant content to gain maximum engagement.


As our social media grows, so does our ability to inform our readers. These platforms are a good way to share and create adverts for one time impact marketing and promotion offers. 


Every review and guide has the potential to reference the product or series of products within the content. This is done in a fluid and non interrupting fashion that lays a path towards third party sales.


Paid Social Media Posts

We price a single paid post to value at the cost of the total likes, followers, subscribers at the time of invoice. This cost is based on £1 ~ 1000 likes. For example, a paid advert on our Instagram of 8500 followers will cost £8.50 for a single post. A paid advert on Facebook with 25,800 likes would cost £25.80 for a single post.

Website Banners

Banner performance is analysed based on clicks and impressions from the website traffic. The sum of clicks and impressions are used to find the sum cost of the ad's campaign period at £1 ~ 1000 interactions. For example, a banner campaign that has gained 34000 impressions and 3500 clicks would cost £37.50 at the end of the campaign.

Stock & Review Photos

We put effort and time into our photography and watermark them when releasing them online. Our pricing reflects the effort and time spent in the processing of these images and are sold for use in 3rd Party Media. This cost per use is currently 1 image ~ £10. For example, the use of 5 photos of a review product for a catalogue will cost £50 for a single publication use.

Sponsored Guides & Media

There are multiple opportunities to sponsor content being created by the website which includes video, infographics and other projects. The costing is not easily addressable and will be negotiated on a one by one basis. The costing can range from nothing at all and span towards the expense of the output of a project itself.

our expertise


Fast delivery

Whether it is a simple image posting or a more complex video advert, we take priority to ensure the quickest delivery possible.

Focused Marketing

Depending on the type of advertising, the advert is focused on the right demographics to ensure the best engagement using the best practices.

Clear Analytics

During the campaign period of any advert, requested analytics are clearly provided with no vagueness or summarised statistics.

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