Tuesday, 24th May, 2022

We are huge advocates of the ability to take technology along with you on hikes and other outdoor activities. It has been common place to ensure at least one power bank is a part of the edc of not only long journeys but day to day work. Being able to take a backpack that doubles as that power bank is definitely not something to frown upon.

The RANGER Hikerpower is the world’s first backpack power station that perfectly combines the backpack and power supply. It fundamentally solves the transport problem of traditional power stations.

As we all know, the distance and length of a trip outdoors are determined by the amount of preparation. Compared to conventional outdoor power supplies, the Hikerpower can accommodate food, water, clothing, drones, cameras, and more. This means it will reduce your travel burden and allow you to carry more essentials!

Hikerpower Ranger is designed with an adjustable harness and removable pack; large storage pockets to hold food, water, and other gear. Made with extra-strong nylon for durability

According to scientific research, a backpack should not weigh more than about 20% of your body weight. Considering the average weight of an adult man, plus any items that might be carried, the Hikerpower weighs only 18lbs, leaving more space for essentials.

Hikerpower Tech is on kickstarter with what we believe to be the first consumer grade backpack that is designed first as a power bank for AC and DC appliances. Although this idea seems to be a far fetch over the use of larger power banks in normal backpacks, this idea does seem to provide more space and allow for more features without having to rely on extra equipment. This backpack may be a start to the trend of having smart back packs with more gadget centric features than the more common tactical features available now.

Check out the Kickstarter here!

Let us know what you think and whether you would find this new backpack useful in comparison to having a large power bank in a backpack.

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