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5.11 Daybreaker Sunglasses

5.11 Tactical is well known for developing branded tactical clothing and accessories which include backpacks and plate carriers. It’s become a statement to have the 5.11 logo branding on clothing for both urban and tactical uses. Good branding is normally gained from quality product design and performance which definitely has been proven over the past few years. Amongst all the branded clothing and accessories are the 5.11 Daybreaker Sunglasses with a classic design and subtle but visible branding.

Technical Specs

The 5.11 Daybreaker sunglasses are a standard pair of sunglasses using a polymer frame coated in a matte black finish with scratch and oil resistance. The plastic lenses are polarised with both UVA and UVB protection. The look of the world from inside the lens is a normal dark tint whilst the outside of the lens has a darker glossy tint. The glasses are fashioned to be unisex for both men and women and uses spring hinges at the temple to allow universal adoption by almost any nose.

Other than the glasses themselves, the Daybreaker sunglasses are provided with a microfiber drawstring bag.


The Daybreaker sunglasses use a classic full framed design which complement the simple low vis design of urban tactical sunglasses. The coating of the polymer frames give it a higher quality feel and look and the polymer lenses do make them easier to keep clean however make the view through the lenses slightly distorted around the edges. The lenses do a good job at protecting from the sun’s rays but the tint effects vision and hides little details behind shadows in the scene.


The Daybreaker sunglasses are meant to protect the user from UV rays and offer light protection from debris such as dust. The lenses are capable of protecting the user’s eyes from basic UV protection and keeps the wearer comfortable from over exposed lighting in the scene however does not fair well with shadows and low light scenes. The polymer lenses are sufficient for protecting against small debris and dust but are not rated for anything else and distort the image of the scene’s corners.

The polymer frames are quite sturdy and do not feel cheap compared to what is expected of other cheaper sunglasses. The coating does improve the look of the frames and offer both scratch resistance and natural oil resistance (bodily sweat and plant oils). The coating is not invincible and will stain if not cleaned in the long term. The hinges of the arms are sturdy but loosens over time and will need adjustment if the user has a wider head than the fitment of the glasses.


The Daybreaker sunglasses are polymer framed and use polymer lenses which make them quite easy to maintain in day to day living standards. The glasses can withstand general drops and day to day mishandling however it is not the most durable eye wear available from 5.11 Tactical. It is worth noting that these glasses do not seem to be impact resistant or ballistically rated which is weird considering 5.11 offers other glasses which are and are on the same price range.

Price Value

These polymer sunglasses are unexpectedly as expensive as other glasses in their range which are catered to more rugged and tactical situations at £100~. This is honestly quite expensive for an otherwise normal pair of sunglasses branded by 5.11 Tactical and seems to be more of a fashion accessory than a functional accessory. It is uncertain how important it is for an individual to wear a brand however this is one way to do so if they believe the value represents the fashion of wearing these glasses.


The 5.11 Daybreaker sunglasses are quite frankly a normal pair of sunglasses which have been designed and branded by 5.11 Tactical with the intent to fill the gap of urban eye wear. It is definitely more of a fashion item than a function of tactics and may not tick the box for some who want function over aesthetic. This does not mean that these glasses are not worth purchasing however as eye wear does meet a fashion sense and the value will reflect more on the user’s needs.